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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  November 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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successor. >> no administration is ready on day one. we weren't ready on day one. i never met one that was ready day one. i'm confident on day one everything will be in good hands and handled anything that comes at them. maureen: congressional democrats are not as confident. today 170 house democrats sent a letter to president elect trump demanding he fire just named chief strategist steve bannon. it cites his ties to white nationalist movement. jonathan: donald trump's campaign promises may fuel new waver of the illegal immigrants trying to cross the southern u.s. border. officials in texas border towns say thousands of people from central american countries are crossing the border. many say they are trying to get away from the violence in their countries before a wall or the immigration policy makes it harder for them to get into the united states. of course, president-elect trump made fighting against
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the plan includes not only talk of a wall built but also mass deportations. so now 65 days until the inauguration, scott thuman is going beyond the podium with what we can realistically expect in the first 100 days. scott? scott: this may have been trump's signature issue. but we all know when it comes to what happened on the campaign trail versus what we see take effect in washington, d.c., there can be a gap that donald trump can do personally on the issue and what is going to fall in the lapse -- laps of congress? it may have been trump's loudest rallying cry. earned him millions of votes. securing the border and a promise to deport millions. >> it will do what it is supposed to do. keep illegal immigrants out.
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wall or fence in some spots takes cash. that will mean congressional approval. as for deportations, early on trump said he would rid the country of all illegals. possibly 11 million. but his right-hand man on the hill now says they are scaling back. >> we are not planning on erecting a deportation force. donald trump is not planning on that. it will be two million. those considered dangerous or criminal. they say trump has a power to choose since president has wide discretion on issues on national sovereignty and he can on his own halt immigration from countries he sees as a threat. president obama approved more than 100,000 refugees for next year. trump personally has the power to make it zero. >> this will be a country-by-country decision. pakistan you can do good vetting. a lot of this is going to
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about. but if it involves money matters congress has a say and trump would need their help. i'm scott thuman. ba breaking news to get back to for a second. man stuck in the french. it collapsed -- the man stuck in the trench. they have pulled him out of the trench. we don't know his condition at this point but they have been working for the better part of four hours to free him. we are on our way to the scene. he has been pulled from the trench. maureen: a student is facing
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a student punched a classmate in anti-trump protest. victim was wearing a pro-trump hat. the demonstrations took place at three other high schools. jonathan: this is seventh day of the anti-trump protests across the country. while millions are scared of trump others take a wait and see approach. we spoke to several >> keep track of his plans on the first 100 days in the office. there is more on the website. maureen: the system is taking unnecessary risks as a transition association criticism of the agency.
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other problems found and how metro is responding. >> metrossee track rebuilding project will cost $100 million according to a document released wednesday. >> i don't see how it could get better without scrapping the whole thing. >> the first project management oversight report highlights major problems or the issues with the safetrack. including the lack of departments in a surge area. lack of the decision protocol when other track work conflicts with the work in surges and the long work schedule for crews. they have been working to address each issue. >> now that they are doing something to maken effort. >> inspection reports released show the other issues on the track. in a september inspection on the red line, defective fasteners were so bad they were deemed what metro called a black condition.
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the track wasn't taken out of service. speed restriction of ten miles per hour put in place. other problems highlighted in the latest report include tunnels without the proper lighting along the red line. wood ties nearly an inch and a half smaller than the required specifications used on the tracks. a spokesperson shows a cross tie original to the construction replaced with the new ties in line with the current specs. schedule for is expected to be released next month. in arlington, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: still ahead, emus on the lam. look at quick-thinking police officers who managed to get the birds to safety. >> it looks like a tool on the police crime dramas on tv. prince george's camera tv will start using black lights amends forensic science to track down criminals. i'm mike carter-conneen. coming up how the technology works. maureen: next a food truck
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where the investigators are focused in the search for a cause. doug: skies are clearing now. for the next couple of days temperatures will climb way up and drop way down. i have numbers in the ten-day
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maureen: a food truck selling falafel burst into flames at
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one of them critically. no customers or students were hurt. no word yet on a cause but it appears that the fire started near the truck's generator. jonathan: well, a change coming to congressional leadership. senate democrats picked chuck schumer as the minority leader. he was just elected to his fourth tem representing new york. on the other side of the aisle republicans re-elected mitch mcconnell as their majority leader. schumer and mcconnell join house speaker paul ryan as the known congressional leadership. here is t democrats delayed a vote on the house minority leader to digest the election results. right now nancy pelosi is in charge but that may not be the case. we will keep an eye on that. maureen: a week after the election, virginia senator tim kaine is settling back in his job representing the commonwealth. in his first interview since last tuesday's loss, kaine said americans should be cautious of the incoming administration but not fearful. >> you can't automatically assume that everything said in the campaign will be done.
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that point we need to stand up and either say we support this or not. maureen: kaine has joined other senate democrats opposing the appointment of steve bannon as a member of the white house staff. the letter yesterday cited bannon's ties to the alt-right movement. democrats in the house sent a similar letter to president-elect trump today. jonathan: coming up next at 6:00, all it takes is a little drop to help catch a criminal. the local county that is unveiling new many to fight back against crime -- forensic tool to help fight back against crime. maureen: the timing of the first taste of winter in chief meteorologist doug hill's complete forecast. robert: i'm robert burton with sports. terps and the hoyas gave us another game to remember but do the coaches want the rivalry to continue or is it completed?
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keep your hands where they are. >> i will, sir. jonathan: minnesota prosecutor
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you saw in the video with manslaughter. officer jeronimo yanez shot and killed philando castile in july. the immediate aftermath was streamed live on facebook by castile's girlfriend. the officer's attorney said his client reacted to seeing a gun. but that was one that castile had a permit for and he told the officer he was in possession of a firearm. officer yanez will appear in court on friday. maureen: prince george's county police now have a new h it's based on forensic science. as mike carter-conneen reports this crime-fighter is hard to see, hard to get rid of and just a little dab of it will do. mike: police hope property crime will dry up, but showering prince george's county in smart water. >> we only need the size a grand of sand and we can tell location where it came from. >> the manufacturer says this product can be applied to any surface. most often used on jewelry,
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sentimental items. >> we have the capacity to detect and return property to people who lose it. >> each kit contains forensic fluid with a code like d.n.a. but the smart water uses inorganic material because it lasts longer than d.n.a. detectable five years. >> if they try to scrape it off they are putting incriminating evidence over the location. >> anyone can purchase a kit online and register ten items in a data base. like sec month. but free kits will be given to people in high-crime areas. >> you should still inventory your valuables. >> hard to describe a woman gold ring with a dialed on it.
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cities. in florida where it is based several departments seen drop in burglaries. in prince george's county the property crime is trending downward. 10,000 cases last year. the chief hopes it will accelerate that. jonathan: have you noticed answers to the most serious problems are in front of your nose. tonight at 11:00, join us on the trail of the illegal items brought in the united states as we follow some of the most sophisticated noses and they are attached to the these are the contraband finders and are they good at it. u.s. customs and the border enforcement employees beagle brigades across the country at dulles airport sniffed out everything from weapons and the disease carrying illegal meat like monkeys to the pelt of endangered snow leopard. the nose found it. watch our special report at 11:00. some images tonight you need to see. prince william county police
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an emu and emu apprehension. say that ten times fast. several emus escaped from the field in haymarket. two markets wrapped them up safely. they wrangled them up and they are back home. now the officers have something fun to tell the buddies about them. maureen: the beaglals found them. so are we in for moisture? we need it doug: we had a few showers earlier but we are five and a half inches below the average rainfall for september. we had rain. it didn't do much but we will take that. the next moisture around here could come in form of the snow flurries on sunday. i am just saying. start out the day with the nine and through mid-morning the clouds will roll through and sprinkles here and there, too, with a weak frontal system and back to clearing skies toward the sunset. good shape here.
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through the evening hours, heading out, the weather will be quiet and the skies continue to clear. we drop in the 40's through overnight. by morning the range across the viewing area is between 37 and 45 degrees. at the bus stop in the morning plenty of sunshine. winds are light. that is good news. 41 at pickup time. 60 at recess. 64 at dismissal in the afternoon with the plenty of sunshine. friday afternoon the weather is fine. we have the sunshine all day and hit upper 60's. 6:00 to 7:00 in t will drop in 50's. i mention that because on friday i'll broadcast live from tysons as we team up with the christmas tree lighting and holiday kickoff. fun and music and the big guy in the beard and a red suit coming through here. that's fun. see you live there on friday. also saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. in downtown silver spring the annual thanksgiving parade. brian van de graaff and julie will be emceeing the entire parade on news channel 8.
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get you looking ahead for the planning purposes for ten days out, here is what we have weather wise. mid-60's and the sunshine tomorrow. a lot of sunshine on friday. highs of 68 degrees. on saturday, we will start with the sun. clouds increase in afternoon as a strong cold front approaches. we hit 67 with a 30% chance of showers and then on sunday. gusty winds. it's like winnie the pooh. oh, it's windy. cold with flurries. chilly on monday. tuesday we start with a warm-up. temperatures are average, mid-50's. big travel day looks good. not only here but a portion of the country looks good. for thanksgiving itself maybe a chance of showers. then the weather will be quiet as we see it for the next ten days with the temperatures in the mid-50's. we will take a closer look at the weekend weather coming up in a few minutes. back to you. jonathan: all right. thank you very much. speaking of cold, that was a cold breeze that blew across
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we talk about the classic. classic last night. no argument about that. heck of a game. between the terns and the hoyas but can we expect to see it again next year? and they are sending a message tonight against the penguins.
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robert: this just coming in. normals ace max scherzer won the national league 2016 cy young award. the award that goes to the league's best pitcher. scherzer won 20 games this year and led the league with 284 k's. 20 of those in one game. he becomes the sixth player to win the award in both leagues. he won it with the detroit tigers in 2013. congrats to max. let's talk hockey. caps with a tough one. the champs, the penguins at verizon. this is a team that eliminated them in the second round last year. it's a rivalry game. we talk to the veteran forward justin williams and he insists revenge is not a factor tonight. >> it's just a game where you want to send a message to a team. that is all you are doing throughout the regular season. hard part is getting in the playoffs. sending a message to the other
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bodes well. robert: what a game last night in college hoops. maryland erased a five-point deficit in the last 29 seconds to beat georgetown by one. crazy last night. crazy last season when the two met in college park. so with the two great games back-to-back the coaches were asked if this matchup should be an annual event. >> let us enjoy it. i love the arena at the end. "let's go maryland" and "let's go georgetown" but down the road. enjoy tonight. we'll talk about it if we are going to do it again. >> in a perfect world we would haven't this game right here this early in the year. we'll talk. we'll see. it was good. robert: all right. in football, desean jackson took part in the individual workouts at the redskins practice today and so did jay gruden. don't know what for. getting the push-ups in. maybe trying to stay in shape. the cameras caught jay crack out about 11 of those things.
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for the whole story go to by the way, his players did not like his form at all. tonight the wizards will try to get the third win this season. tip-off against the sixers tonight at 7:00. jonathan: i don't think he was using his knees to get up. he was trying to get air. [laughter] struggling. we shouldn't laugh. good for him. doug: skies are clearing tonight. chilly. but not terribly cold. we expect 45 in the morning. 64 with the sunshine tomro sunshine and 68 degrees. tonight at 11:00, steve with track the weekend cold front and look at the redskins football outlook sunday night as well and saturday is mild and partly sunny with showers in the afternoon. windy weather with a flurry or two on sunday. maureen: we are ready for it. thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir up next. jonathan: see you tonight at
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tonight, breaking news. inside trump tower. the controversy over members of the president-elect's family and national security clearance. mr. trump's team requesting clearance for trump's son-in-law, jared kushner. ivanka trump's husband now emerging as a top adviser. also tonight, why is the trump name buildings in new york city? also tonight, the police shooting. tonight, that officer charged with manslaughter. what prosecutors are now saying. the horrific moment on the train tracks. the family inside their truck. the split-second decision that saved them. the murder at an american airport. travelers told to shelter in place. tonight, the possible motive revealed. and the victim, the father of an nfl player. and the breaking images coming in now.


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